Welcome to Tips & Tricks

Recently one of our clients came to us with a challenge.

He’s a typical client for us: Regional leader at a multi-national bank, manages a remote team spread across 5 countries, P&L responsibility.

The big boss from London was coming for a one-day presentation of the region’s major initiatives for the next year.

Our client said to us, “There will be a lot of other departments presenting to him, and I need to find a way to stand out. Can you help me?”

Yes, we said, of course.

What follows will be some of the same techniques we taught to him.

Internalize these techniques and you will find yourself moving up in the world. It’s amazing how quickly that movement happens once word gets out. We see it over and over with our own clients, and we hope you’ll experience it too.

There will be about one email each week. There’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email — if you get bored of the tips, feel free to use it, don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings. 😉

The first tip will come in a few minutes, if it hasn’t already.