To make up

Meaning: to make peace after a fight Examples: I had a big fight with my dad, but we made up and have a good relationship now. Let’s not fight, please come home and let’s make up.

To hang on

Meaning: to wait for a short time Examples: She told me to hang on, she would arrive in 10 minutes. I am in the middle of an important task, you need to hang on for a few minutes, and then we can talk.

To stop over

Meaning: to stay at one place for a short time on the way to another place Examples: They stopped over in Singapore on their way to Australia. We stopped over at the grocery store on our way to my parents’ house.

To touch down

Meaning: to land (an airplane) Examples: The plane touched down at 6:38pm. This flight is really long, when do we touch down in Hong Kong?

To carry out

Meaning: to perform a task Examples: He carried out the work like we planned. I carried out my promise to her.

To carry over

Meaning: to continue past the planned ending time Examples: The meeting carried over past lunch. The game went long, it carried over until evening.

To knock back

Meaning: to quickly drink something Examples: At the bar after work, we knocked back 6 vodkas. After exercise, I like to knock back a tall glass of cold water.

To catch up with somebody

Meaning: to talk to someone whom one has not seen for a long time Examples: It’s always good to catch up with old friends. I haven’t seen you in years. We should meet for coffee and catch up.

To knock off

Meaning: to stop working for the rest of the day Examples: It’s nice and sunny today, we should knock off early and go get some ice cream. What time do you knock off today? I want to take you to a movie this evening.