Presentation coaching for CTOs

Reduce waste in your tech spend
Why presentation coaching?

Each year, over 60% of tech projects fail or underperform.

That means that each year, millions of dollars are wasted.

A large part of that waste is not because the tech is bad, it’s because the adoption by the end users in other departments is low.

In order to fix this, your CTO needs to be able to explain clearly, in terms non-tech people can understand, why these projects should be important to them.

Otherwise, those millions keep being wasted, year in and year out, and the number never goes down.

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Why CTOs?

CTOs have a special need when they are presenting: They are technical people speaking to non-technical people. Getting those non-technical people to buy in is much easier if the CTO “talks to the dog” — speaks in their language, not in tech language.

How do I know if my CTO needs a coach?

Your CTO might need presentation coaching if you experience one or more of these situations:

  • Other departments ignore major tech initiatives.
  • You would like your CTO to represent the organization in public.
  • Other departments groan when they hear the CTO will be presenting.
  • You feel like the tech voice is being drowned out in board meetings.
  • You are trying to raise money, and your CTO is part of the pitch.

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“Recipient Labs helped me get buy-in across the company, even from Marketing!”

Presentation tips for CTOs

Tech spend and second marriages

They say that 60% of tech projects fail or underperform. (That number varies, but it's usually north of 50.) Which means tech spend is, like a second marriage, the triumph of hope over experience. Your budget committee presentation is going to be mostly numbers, team...

Go retail

A lot of public speaking coaching is directed at speaking to large groups. You know the images: A speaker, holding a microphone, standing in front of hundreds of people, usually on a stage or something like that. But most big decisions are not made by hundreds of...

What does ChatGPT mean for my presentations?

The short answer: Nothing. If you're a CTO, ChatGPT and AI are helping your coders a lot. They probably save them boatloads of time. They might even be helping clean up their code or even write blocks of code that would be a waste of time for a human. But when you're...

Make your headlines tell your message

Make sure that if someone reads only the headlines of your slides, and nothing else, they will still get your message. For example: Slide 1 headline: Sales are up Slide 2 headline: But average pick lines per order are too Slide 3 headline: So to protect profitability,...

Was Don Draper cool or not?

Elsewhere, I've held up Angus Young, admiring him for his complete lack of detachment. Today, I hold up the opposite, a King of Cool, Mad Men's Don Draper. When you need to be cool and collected in a hot environment, channel your inner Don Draper. But now that I think...

Let your freak flag fly

Look at that guy. He's sweating, he's drooling, he's desperately sucking oxygen through a tube. He's the uncoolest guy that ever existed. And yet… There are tens of thousands of fans calling his name, straining to touch him, like he is a god. You don't need to be...

Key flagging phrases

Flagging is a way for you to call attention to the main point of your message. There are some key words and phrases that wake people up and tell them to listen carefully. Here are some of them: If you take just one thing away from this, it should be... The most...

Kill your darlings

Before all the other important stuff you might want to know about presenting, the single most important step is a brutal one: “Kill your darlings.” This phrase, often attributed to author William Faulkner, means get rid of the things that mean a lot to you, but that...

It’s not that faces are good or bad

It’s not that faces are good or bad, it’s just that they’re very distracting. One thing that we see often in almost every corporate presentation is there’s an introduction of the company. In that introduction, there will usually be a couple of slides with pictures of...

Yes, X, but the bigger picture is Y

When you want to persuade somebody to choose your argument over another, one of the things that you can do is tie your argument to a bigger picture. For example, we had a client recently who worked for a European bank, and there was an internal debate within the bank...

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