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Talk to the dog and get better buy-in
"Talk to the dog"?! What does that mean?Why CTOs?

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Why CTOs?

CTOs have a special need when they are presenting: They are technical people speaking to non-technical people. Getting those non-technical people to buy in is much easier if the CTO “talks to the dog” — speaks in their language, not in tech language.

How do I know if my CTO needs a coach?
If you experience one or more of these situations:

  • Other departments ignore major tech initiatives.
  • You would like your CTO to represent the organization in public.
  • Other departments groan when they hear the CTO will be presenting.
  • You feel like the tech voice is being drowned out in board meetings.

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“Recipient Labs helped me get buy-in across the company, even from Marketing!”

Presentation tips and tricks

Key flagging phrases

Flagging is a way for you to call attention to the main point of your message. There are some key words and phrases that wake people up and tell them to listen carefully. Here are some of them: If you take just one thing away from this, it should be... The most...

Kill your darlings

Before all the other important stuff you might want to know about presenting, the single most important step is a brutal one: “Kill your darlings.” This phrase, often attributed to author William Faulkner, means get rid of the things that mean a lot to you, but that...

It’s not that faces are good or bad

It’s not that faces are good or bad, it’s just that they’re very distracting. One thing that we see often in almost every corporate presentation is there’s an introduction of the company. In that introduction, there will usually be a couple of slides with pictures of...



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