Speaking for lead generation: Group mentoring

Speaking is one of the best things you can do for your business.

The benefits are amazing.

Doing it well can be downright difficult, though…

…by yourself at least.

That’s why we put together this group mentoring program.



Imagine for a moment:

A prospective client calls you. He doesn’t ask you to prove yourself, not in any way. He simply asks you if you’re available to meet.

When he meets you, he already seems to know you. He trusts you as if you’ve worked together before. He already sees you as the expert.

He describes his problem to you. You know how to solve it, because you’ve solved problems like this before. He knows it. He lets you lead the conversation the way you want.

Then he starts asking you questions about how you would start, and when are you available, and you realize the selling job is already done. He isn’t wondering if you can help him. He’s wondering when you can start.

Pleasantly surprised, you ask yourself, “Why is this so easy?” Usually, you’d be back on your heels at this point, trying to prove yourself, jumping through his hoops. And then you remember how you met him.

You met him when you were speaking at a luncheon recently.



Speaking to groups is kind of scary though.

Your mouth goes dry. Your hands tremble. Beads of sweat form on your forehead.

Bad thoughts start to run through your head. “What if they think I’m a moron?” “What if I fall flat on my face?”

But you know you’ve gotta do it. You know that taking your business to the next level depends on it.

So what are you to do? How do you get to that next level?

It’s so much easier when you have an experienced, steady hand to show you the way and a peer group to help you through it.

Plus, there are some potent tricks that will seriously juice the return on your speaking. You want to know what those are.

So here’s the program:

You and about 4-5 other people will meet with Matt online for twice-monthly group working sessions.

Each working session will have a brief “lecture” followed by structured work time. We’ll meet in a private Google Hangout so that we can collaborate and you can learn from other participants.

You will have homework between working sessions, weekly access to Matt’s office hours, and daily access to Matt via a Slack chat channel.

The team mentoring program is more “DIY” (do it yourself) than the 1-to-1 VIP Subscription. So, for example, in the VIP Subscription Doppler would be writing your speech for you, but in Team Mentoring you’ll be writing your own speech (with our guidance and critiques, of course).

If you want to become one of the most sought-after speakers in your industry, stay with the program for a year. But after just four months you can walk away with the tools you’ll need to break into the big bad world of speaking.

Here’s what you’ll have after the first four months:

  • A speech all your own that has been optimized for trust- and reputation-building and lead generation;
  • Familiarity with tactics that reduce your speaking anxiety;
  • Familiarity with tactics that improve audience interaction, and thus the lead gen return on your speaking appearances;
  • Followup collateral that will help you bridge the gap between speechtime and the start of business with your new clients;
  • An initial list of venues and speaking dates for your first “live” speeches.

This program provides the structure and the guided forward momentum you’ve been seeking. Seats are limited, so contact us to check on availability: Email Matt at matt@dopplercomm.com.


[themedy_toggle icon=”” font_awesome_att=”” heading=”Is this online or face-to-face?” onload=”closed”]It’s online. We use tools like Skype, conference calls, gotomeeting, etc.
People who work for multinational companies tend to be very comfortable with online communication, since they use it often for work. People who work for primarily-regional companies tend to be less comfortable with it.
If you are comfortable with it, good for you! If you are not comfortable with it, keep in mind that it allows you to benefit from the thinking and comments of others in other countries. It allows you to tap into a global talent base in ways you never thought possible![/themedy_toggle]

[themedy_toggle icon=”” font_awesome_att=”” heading=”Am I going to have to be in this for the rest of my life?” onload=”closed”]No, of course not. You can leave anytime you like. If you’re like most people, after just three months or so you’re going to have a speech, it will have been developed professionally, and you’ll have an amazing set of delivery skills that very few people have. In fact, we see departures as a good thing — it’s like someone has graduated.
If you want to stick around longer, of course, we welcome that too. We’ve had some clients who have been with us for three years. They end up exploring very high-end, cutting-edge techniques. But that’s not for everyone, and no one’s going to complain if you go a few months and then say, “That’s it, I’m outta here!”

[themedy_toggle icon=”” font_awesome_att=”” heading=”Can I listen to a couple samples?” onload=”closed”]
Sure. Here’s a clip from what we call a “speech teardown,” where we listen to (or watch) a client’s speech, and then make some suggestions about how to make it better:

And here we are confirming an assignment we had given to the group in our conference calls:

And here’s another one: