Preparing for “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”


Podcast’s host: Matt Krause, founder of Doppler Communications (see Doppler’s about page) or Matt’s LinkedIn profile here
Podcast’s format: audio interview (no video), 15-30 minutes
Podcast’s target audience: thought leaders in the investment industry

The guest typically introduces themselves a bit, and then mentions one or two things they really like to see in investment pitches, and then one or two things they’d like to see but that usually go missing.

The more specific you can get, the better. A good, specific story usually begins with “There was this one pitch I saw…” You don’t have to name names, but getting specific usually helps you and the listeners too!



Please use headphones. They don’t have to be fancy; the ones you use with your iPhone are fine.

Please use Chrome or Firefox. Sometimes Internet Explorer works for this, but most of the time it doesn’t.

Preparation before the call:

Please look at the typical questions below. It helps you know where the conversation will probably go.

Do the interview in your office or in a quiet conference room if you can.

Matt will email you a link before the call. Click that link to start the conversation with Matt.

Typical questions:

  • Please introduce yourself a bit. Tell us a little bit about your work. What do you do, and who do you do it for?
  • Tell us about something you like to see in a pitch presentation.
  • What would you like to see, that all too often goes missing?
  • In your opinion, why don’t people leave that part out?
  • And finally, tell our listeners how they can get in touch with you.


  • Confidentiality: Remember that these recordings are public, but we know that much of your work is confidential. So if we ask for too much information, just say something like, “I prefer not to mention names,” or “I prefer not to mention the company by name.” Of course, we like as much detail as possible, but if you don’t want to mention a name, don’t worry, it won’t hurt our feelings.

What we’ll do after the interview:

We’ll send you your own copy of the audio file, so you can keep a copy for your records, or pass it on to your own network, or post it on LinkedIn, or do whatever you want to do with it on your end.