Session One: Two steps: 1. We take a baseline: You give one of your recent or recurring presentations to Matt. Matt records it (don’t worry, everything we do in class is completely confidential). 2. Matt measures your ahh count. Is it under the magic 6/minute? If not, Matt gives you some suggested exercises you can use to reduce it.

Session Two: Talk to the dog. We discuss your audience so you can implement Talk To The Dog in your presentation.

Session Three: The First Three Questions. We continue discussing your audience, so your presentation can become more persuasive with and relevant to them.

Session Four: Boy Meets Girl. We look for ways to layout your presentation so it follows one of the most dependable business story structures, Boy Meets Girl.

Session Five: Together we pick a subject for your Month Two presentation, a new presentation that is “bigger picture” than your first presentation. For example, a cost savings idea you have, or a market expansion idea you have; something you might present to your boss’s boss or the CEO of the company. After class, you outline your presentation using the principles of Talk To The Dog, The First Three Questions, and Boy Meets Girl (or another structure if needed). Note: You are not making a finished PowerPoint presentation, just a rough draft outline of what you will say and how you will say it.

Sessions Six and Seven: We iterate and practice your presentation so it gets closer to these three techniques.

Session Eight: You deliver your presentation (to Matt, who is pretending to be your target audience), and Matt evaluates it in class, and then sends you the Certificate of Completion.


Note that nowhere in here are your slides themselves being redesigned. We might suggest some changes, and you might make some too, and slide design is something we do, but it is expensive work and is outside the scope of this package.

Also note that everything we discuss in class is confidential. During our class you will probably be discussing things you don’t want your competitors to know about. Everything you discuss is strictly confidential. The discussions do not leave our class, they are strictly between you and Matt.