Perception is not reality

It’s a popular phrase: “Perception is reality”.

However, it is completely untrue.

Perception is how you see things, how you feel about things.  It is your opinion about things.

Reality is how things really exist, outside of your head.

Sure, perception influences reality.  Perception often becomes reality.  But perception is not reality.

If you understand perception, you have one powerful tool.  

If you understand reality, you have another powerful tool.

If you understand both perception, and reality, you have two powerful tools, and you can work more creatively than someone who only has access to one tool.

If you say “perception is reality”, you are being intellectually lazy.  You are telling the world, “I only want to understand one thing, my brain is not strong enough to manipulate two separate ideas at the same time”.

Why would you handicap yourself like that?

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