Team Leader

For the one who wants to do two things:

  1. Build English skills throughout the organization.
  2. Spread a vision for an industry through writing, interviews, and speaking.

Monthly: US$425/month + VAT (where applicable)
Quarterly: US$1,148/quarter + VAT (where applicable)

Includes: everything in Presenter, plus:

See the FAQ for more details.


For the student who wants to move up in an international organization that emphasizes presentation skills.

Monthly: US$325/month + VAT (where applicable)
Quarterly: US$878/quarter + VAT (where applicable)

Includes: Everything in Language Learner 2, plus:

See the FAQ for more details.

Language Learner 2

For the student who wants additional practice for speaking and writing in international situations.

Monthly: US$225/month + VAT (where applicable)
Quarterly: US$608/quarter + VAT (where applicable)


  • Eight 60-minute 1-on-1 online classes (Skype or Zoom, for example) per month.
  • Daily speaking/writing prompt and feedback, to get you into a daily speaking habit using enriched vocabulary specific to medicine.
  • Help during office hours for Q&A.

See the FAQ for more details.

Language Learner 1

For the student who wants to speak and write in international situations.

Monthly: US$125/month + VAT (where applicable)
Quarterly: US$338/quarter + VAT (where applicable)


  • Eight 30-minute 1-on-1 online classes (Skype or Zoom, for example) per month.
  • Daily speaking/writing prompt and feedback, to get you into a daily speaking habit using enriched vocabulary specific to medicine.
  • Help during office hours for Q&A.

See the FAQ for more details.

No matter what package you get, they all come with one thing: Whenever you need help between classes, just email, text, or call us. There’s no extra charge for it.

Maybe you’re trying to read an email and you’re not sure what it means, or you are writing one and you want a professional to make sure everything is correct before you hit send, or you’re getting ready for a phone call and you want to practice, or something else. Just reach out. We’re your coaches all the time, not just during classes.

To join:

1. Fill out the intake questionnaire.
2. Read the FAQ.
3. Do the intake call.


For the client with more specific needs the above packages won’t address.


  • You want to prepare your institution’s CFO for meetings with investors.
  • You want to prepare a deck and presentation board members can give to financers.

Prices are typically per project, are based on client needs, and range from $10K to $30K.

May include:

  • Custom, professionally-designed slide deck.
  • Practice sessions for presenting slide deck.
  • Scripted responses to anticipated questions.
  • Post-meeting follow-up strategy and execution.
  • Third-party research to vet needs and expectations.

Krause English clients run companies like:

Who hires Krause English and why:

A CEO who wants to be more confident when speaking with clients abroad.

A CFO who wants to perform better on quarterly conference calls and in meetings with investors.

A manager who wants to communicate better with team members abroad.

A business analyst who wants to improve his job prospects in another country.

An exporter who wants to communicate directly with her clients.

More about the benefits:

Know where you are

Keep track of your progress and know about when you’ll be reaching your goals.

Be more efficient with your time

You could be overwhelmed by the 30 things crying out at you. Or you could let us point out the few things that will get you the most benefit with the least effort. Which one you think would be easier?

Get instruction from professionals

In the classes, we work on whatever you in particular need — speaking practice, vocabulary practice, presentation practice.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so we know what works and what will get you results in the shortest time possible.

Daily speaking prompt

Language is a habit, something you don’t think about, something you just use. How do you think native speakers sound so fluent? It’s simply because they use it every day.

And you don’t need to use it a lot to form that habit. Five to ten minutes a day is usually enough.

So each day, we send you a short voice prompt, usually in the form of a simple question.

Then you hit reply, speak into your computer or phone for a few minutes, and click send. We receive it, get back to you with suggestions, and then do it again the next day. After all, it’s a habit you’re forming!

Executive presentation coaching [Team Leader level]

We upgrade the words and visual imagery you’ll be using to make your case.

This is another excellent way to prepare for your upcoming meetings with the board or important clients!

Speech and article writing [Team Leader level]

In your role as a leader in your industry, people probably seek out your opinions on a regular basis.

We take your ideas, clean up the words a bit, and put them down on paper in a way that sounds like you, but just a little bit better — smoother, more fluent.

Sometimes known as “ghostwriting” or “shadow writing” — the ideas are yours, we just clean them up a bit, and then go hide in the shadows while you give the speech or your article spreads around the world!

Team memberships [Team Leader level]

Busy? Unpredictable schedule? We get it. Most of our clients are in that situation. The solution? Put multiple people on the account. Instead of just one, we do two, or three.

Instead of a session every week, one person does one week, the other people do the other weeks. If one person gets especially busy, the other people can step in and grab the extra sessions.

In between the sessions, everyone benefits from the other stuff. The speaking prompts and feedback? Everyone gets them. The speechwriting and presentation training? Everyone gets them.

This is a great way to leverage the service across your team or deeper into the organization.