Dealing with fear

There are many ways of dealing with fear. Here are two of them:

1. Conquer your fear

Try to wrestle your fear to the ground. Try to beat it. Try to control it.

2. Look at something else

Your job is not to conquer fear, your job is to do something else. Don’t look at your fear. Look at that something else.

Fear is a great indicator that you have been called to do something important, so welcome the appearance of fear and walk towards it. However, energy spent fighting fear is energy wasted. Walk towards fear, but then step to the side and go about your business.

Personally, I find the idea of conquering fear exhausting. So much energy is spent fighting and struggling. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.

So when Fear comes for me, I smile at it. I say, “Hello Fear, welcome. Please have a seat. I’ll be with you in a moment.” And then I go about my work. When I am done, I turn to Fear, ready to ask it how I can help, but, more often than not, it got bored and left.

Like I said, these are just two of the many ways of dealing with fear. One is not better than the other. Whatever works for you.

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