Something you should know about Cambly:

Some of our clients are “Cambly refugees” — people who tried Cambly, were unhappy with it, and have come to us to fix the mess. So we get a nice insight into what Cambly is good and not good for:

At Cambly…

  • you might or might not get the same teacher each week. Reservations are often made each week, and if your teacher is good, he/she is probably in high demand, so you might not be able to reserve time with him/her.
  • the teachers’ pay is low, so good teachers don’t stay long. Even if you find a good teacher, and are able to reserve time with him/her, he/she is likely to leave Cambly soon.

If you want something cheap, and you just want to practice making small talk with a native speaker, and you don’t care who that person is, and you don’t really care if you see that person again or not, Cambly is probably a great place to go.

However, if you want to work with the same person next month, or if you are an advanced student who will be using English for an important business activity, Cambly might not be the right place for you.