There’s a point where your English-language skills are too good for a regular “language class,” and the next step for you is to upgrade your language so you can use it in higher-level communication, such as work-related presentations. If that’s you, this coaching might be what you’re looking for.

What’s included:

  • Online video call (Skype or Zoom, for example), where we practice your new vocabulary in real-life conversation (recommended frequency: 1 or 2 half-hour sessions per week)
  • Daily vocabulary-building exercise and feedback (you respond to the English Bites Daily (click here for example) with a couple sentences using the day’s new word, and we send feedback to you)
  • Weekly reading assignments focusing on your particular area(s) of interest, which tend to make excellent jumping-off points for the conversations in our video sessions
  • Presentation coaching and troubleshooting (we practice your presentations for work, improving your skills and cleaning up and upgrading the language you will use during the presentation)
  • Help during the week whenever you need it (for example, explaining a confusing phrase you see, or proofreading an email)
  • Free access to office hours


What it costs:

150TL per hour (75TL per half hour) (note that you are only charged for the Skype/Zoom sessions — feedback on the vocabulary-building exercises, weekly reading assignments, email proofreading, etc, are already part of that package)
Payment is by bank transfer or credit/debit card