Why we don’t do many one- or two-day trainings

Why we don’t do many one- or two-day trainings

We get a lot of requests for one- or two-day trainings, but we don’t do very many of them.


It is almost impossible to make a deep change in someone’s life, or in a company’s performance, in one or two days, and we are not in the business of making shallow changes.

Years ago, when we started out, we did lots of one- or two-day trainings. But we stopped, because we exist to do more than spend our clients’ budget money.

What do we do instead? Longer, deeper engagements. Most of them are at least six months, and some of them have passed the two-year mark. Even the small ones are 10-12 sessions over a two- or three-month period.

To expect significant change to happen in a couple days is, well, unrealistic. Sometimes we call it “putting lipstick on a pig.” It’s still a pig, it’s just a little prettier now, and we don’t want to be responsible for that.

If you really, really want a one- or two-day training, you might hear us diplomatically suggest that you look elsewhere. There are plenty of great training companies that will be happy to help you. However, it is highly likely that we will not be one of them.

Notice that we used phrases like “almost never,” not “absolutely not, no way, never.” Sometimes we do one- or two-day trainings, but they tend to be for clients we know well and have worked with many times before, and we know that their expectations for the training are realistic and limited, and the training is taking place in the context of a much larger project we are working on together.

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