The Jesse Interviews

Jesse Scinto, our head speechwriter and presentation trainer, is a faculty member at the Strategic Communications department at New York’s Columbia University.

So, understandably, we are proud of him and happy to have him on our team.

In these interview highlights, Jesse discusses techniques for connecting with your audience, for persuading them over to your point of view, and for getting around the fact that they tend to remember very little of what you say, no matter how good your presentation is.

Jesse Scinto: Presentations Are Not About Informing
Jesse Scinto: “Progressive Complications” — What It Means
Jesse Scinto: Commitment and Consistency
Jesse Scinto: Commitment Must Be Physical and Public
Jesse Scinto: The Credibility of Being Human
Jesse Scinto: What Benefit Am I Going to Get?
Jesse Scinto: Using Stories in a Business Context
Jesse Scinto: Example of A Story About Corporate Restructuring
Jesse Scinto: Complication and Resolution

Download The Jesse Interviews (pdf, 1mb)