Mindset change

Why we do Tips and Tricks as a weekly email, not a once-and-done ebook:

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This series, the Tips and Tricks series, it’s going to take about a year. There are 40 or 50 tips, or something like that, and then spaced out, one a week, that ends up being about a year.

Sometimes people come to us and they say, “Hey Matt, can’t you just take all of those tips and package them in an e-book or a best of blog posts list, or something, so that we can read them all at once and just get them out of the way?”

The short answer is yes, absolutely, we could do that, technically.

But the reason that we don’t is that good presentation skills, or good communication skills, are kind of a mindset change.

They’re not just a set of skills that you learn in one day and then you’re fine for the rest of your life. They’re a mindset change. A mindset change takes a longer time to achieve. That’s why we break them down into much smaller, weekly emails over the space of a year, because the point is to effect some sort of a mindset change, not to just dump a bunch of standalone, a la carte skills on to you.