Listener question for Ole

One of our listeners, a country fund investing in publicly-traded equities on that country’s exchange, had a followup question about something discussed on the Ole Rollag interview. They asked:

“We send out a monthly newsletter about our fund performance and other developments in the [country name removed] markets. This newsletter goes out to our existing investors and people who have opted into it on our website.

“But Ole mentions the high volume of emails (ranging from a couple hundred per day to a couple thousand per day) these people might be getting.

“How do we reconcile these two seemingly competing realities? On the one hand, we’re sending out a newsletter because we’d like to communicate with interested people. But on the other hand, allocators are getting tons of emails. What does Ole have to say about this? Should we consider our newsletter a small voice lost in the wind? Are we wasting our time?”

Ole’s answer:

“Short answer is to ask the allocators what they prefer. I think that weeklies might be helpful, but good allocators won’t react on price, but change. I see weeklies, and ignore them. Unless someone says, ‘Wait, something has changed.’

“If it is the status quo, then it is junk. Let me know when you think there is a problem. If you tell me when to reduce, that is amazing and I would definitely come back.

“Long term greedy!”

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