Interview with Kyle Dunn

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Baldwin and Matt interviewed Kyle Dunn, CEO of Meyler Capital. Kyle speaks here about marketing in the fund world, and what opportunities fund managers are missing, and that performance is vital, but it’s table stakes, it’s like BMW saying, “Our cars run good.”

Highlights of the conversation:

03:08 People want to discover things on their own, and if you don’t have technology to track that discovery process, it’s hard to know who to talk to.

05:30 How marketing automation fits in with the concept that “fund management is a relationship business.”
07:52 “Would you ever put a paragraph on a freeway sign?” (about layering stories; don’t try to say too much too quickly).

09:48 Why video is particularly important these days.

12:34 Alternative approaches if you don’t feel like you’re good on camera.

19:56 Lead scores prioritize your interest list.

21:18 How to know you shouldn’t get on an airplane and go meet with someone.

23:38 “We have an industry that is fixated on a tool [the pitch book] that actually isn’t really used… It’s like the conch in Lord Of The Flies.” (one of Matt’s favorite lines)

24:26 “The biggest misbelief is that all that matters is performance. If you’re a manager and that’s all that you think, you’re in trouble.”

28:59 “You’re the most sophisticated investors on the planet, why would you not want the most sophisticated marketing to align with your investment strategy?”

32:50 “When you think about it, the last thing you should talk about is performance, because then you look like a greaseball when you don’t perform.”

Thank you for your time Kyle, it was a great pleasure!

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Baldwin has been active in the investment industry for more than 20 years. His specialty is all about positioning investment opportunities so they are easy to understand and developing strategies and systems to convert more opportunities into business during long sales cycles.

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