Call your audience

Ken Robinson is one of the most popular speakers in the TED community.

But it’s not because he’s doing most of the things speech trainers tell us we should do. He doesn’t move around on the stage much. Usually he just stands in one place. His hands hang at his side. Sometimes he even puts them in his pockets. He doesn’t use much vocal variety.

Look at the audience though. They are sitting on the edges of their seats. They are smiling. They are laughing. They interrupt him with applause.

They are fascinated. Ken Robinson has them eating out of his hand.

Notice that he does not use any statistics. He does not use any data. He is not using any slides or visual aids.

What he IS doing is calling his audience to a higher world. People love to be called to a higher world. People WANT to be called to a higher world. They know getting there will not be easy, but they WANT TO BE CALLED THERE.

If there are five other presentations at the meeting, and yours is the one that calls people to a higher world, yours is the one people will remember.

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