Why practice 25 times?

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People ask me, “How many times should I practice,” and I almost always tell them, “Practice 25 times.”

Why 25?

25 times because the first 10 times that you practice, you’re training your muscles how to do the speech … the muscles of your mouth and the muscles of your throat, the muscles of your body are learning how to do the speech.

Your spirit, which is another big part of the speech is going to get bored and leave during that time so you’re going to get to practice around number 10 and your spirit is going to be bored and is going to be gone and you’re going to be at practice around 10 and you’ll think, “Oh, my body remembers all of the words but now the speech is boring because my spirit is gone and so I’ve killed my speech.”

Keep practicing.

Around practice around 12 or 15, your spirit is going to start to come back and your spirit will start to realize, “Okay. I can trust the body now because the body knows what it needs to do,” and so the spirit is going to feel free to fly around the room and go into the audience’s brains and stuff like that.

In practice around 15 through 20 or 22, you’re training your spirit. Your body is already trained so now you’re training your spirit and the last few practice rounds … 23 through 25 or whatever, you might not even need to do those but whatever … but at least 20 times.

The first 10 times are for your body, the second 10 times are for your spirit. Thanks.

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