To look in on someone

Meaning: to give a short visit, often just to make sure someone is okay


My father is very old. Can you look in on him a few times each week, just to make sure he is okay?

When I was in the hospital, my best friend came to look in on me every day.

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To get out

Meaning: to become known, to become public knowledge Examples: I don't want it to get out that I am leaving. Please don't tell anyone. If this bad news gets out, people will panic and try to run away.

To set up

Meaning: to construct or build something Examples: The people set up camp by the lake. The child was building something with her blocks, so I asked her what she was setting up.

To run on

Meaning: to continue without interruption Examples: The discussion ran on for hours. Don't start that book, it runs on for hundreds of pages and never says anything.