Introduction and preparation

Introduction and Preparation

Lesson #1: Introduction and Preparation

This video is 3.5 minutes long. It introduces you to the eCourse, and gives you your first assignment (read the eBook and print two copies of your CV).

If you don’t already have it, download the “Write A Better CV” ebook here.

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Hello, and welcome to the CV Doctor eCourse, “How To Write A Better CV”. My name is Matt Krause, and I am an American from California, living in Istanbul, Turkey.

There are 8 parts to this course. Each week, you will automatically receive one part by email.

If you are really ambitious, and you want to finish the whole course quickly, you can skip ahead and work faster.

However, I recommend you take your time. Take the full eight weeks to do the course. Why? Because you are going to do more than simply improve your CV. You are going to learn new habits, new ways of thinking, new ways of writing, and that takes time.

Now, I’m a native English speaker. And, my CV is already pretty good, if I say so myself. But you see, the lessons I am going to teach you apply to everyone, all the time. No matter how good you are, no matter high you go in your career, you can always apply these rules.

If my advice is good, I should apply it to myself, right? So I’m going to use my own CV as an example. Every week, you will see me applying these same rules to my own CV. At the end of the course, I plan to have a better CV, too!

Okay, let’s get started…

This week there are two steps:

Step #1:

Read the eBook. Pay special attention to the Introduction, which describes the four steps you need to take before you start writing.

Remember, good writing doesn’t happen in the writer’s head. Good writing happens in the reader’s head.

So before you get started, you have to change your thinking. You have to start thinking about the reader, not yourself.

That’s what the eBook’s introduction is all about.

Step #2:

Print two copies of your CV.

One copy is a “Before” copy, so you will have an old version to look at.

The second copy is a “working copy” — you will keep this copy at your side, to work on, and make notes on, throughout the course.

When you finish this course, you can compare your new CV to the old one, and see the difference.

Okay, that’s it for now. Remember, read the eBook, and print two copies of your CV. See you next week.