Elsewhere, I’ve held up Angus Young, admiring him for his complete lack of detachment.

Today, I hold up the opposite, a King of Cool, Mad Men’s Don Draper. When you need to be cool and collected in a hot environment, channel your inner Don Draper.

But now that I think of it, Don Draper wasn’t cool, collected, and detached at all. In fact, in one of my favorite scenes (a video of which I’ll share in a few days, because in less than two minutes it displays some of the most critical presentation tips ever), he’s almost crying over slides of his estranged wife, and even his product naming idea was inspired by his heartfelt desire to go back to a simpler time.

What do you think, do Don Draper and Angus Young have something in common? Was Don Draper, the famous man of coolness and detachment, more “plugged in” than we give him credit for?