Investor pitch preparation process

After the client pays the deposit, here’s what happens next:

Step 1: Initial intake meeting.

Step 2: Initial intake meeting (SO interviews the client; this meeting lasts 90-120 minutes, and the presenter needs to be present, and the meeting will take place in the target language).
Step 3: SO comes up with a general story arc (like the one I did in Evernote and showed you at 1Kahve); the story arc will be shared with the client (to see how the client feels about the general direction SO is taking), and with a colleague who can comment on whether this story is going to work with the intended audience (in this case, that evaluator was Baldwin).
Step 4: SO designs rough draft slide deck.
Step 5: SO shows rough draft slide deck to client. Many of the numbers on this slide deck will be placeholders. SO needs the client to provide the actual numbers. Some of the slides will be changed or reordered, or the graphs will be changed, based on conversations between client and SO conversations; the point is to make sure the slide deck and spoken presentations are tightly integrated.
Step 6: SO iterates the rough draft to 80% final.
Step 7: Face-to-face presentation practice sessions begin. Slide deck is iterated from 80% to 100% done, based on learning and conversations that take place during practice sessions.
Step 8: SO delivers 100% slide deck to client. Client goes to do the real-life meeting.
Step 9: Client and SO meet for a post-mortem evaluation; how did the meeting go, what next steps are needed, and how could the process have been better.