Feel, sense, describe – don’t just tell!


When you’re practicing and when you’re standing right there on stage, imagine the stuff that you’re talking about.

Visualize the things you’re talking about, see them.

When you’re talking about flowers, don’t just say, there were some pretty flowers and they were all nice colors and they smelled good.

See the colors, see the bright yellows and the reds and see the purple and describe those things to your audience.

See them while you’re talking.

When you’re talking about the smell, don’t just say, those flowers smell nice. Smell the flowers.

Doing these things will help you with a couple of things.

One is, the body language will come naturally. You will naturally show people a smile on your face when you look at all of these colorful flowers.

You will naturally … When you sniff in the smell, you will naturally have that expression on your face of imagining that smell going in to your head. You’ll have the body language and also the vocal variety.

When you are talking about how you’re seeing something or how when you’re smelling something, you will naturally slow down because it’s not your words doing the job anymore, it’s the senses. You will naturally slow down to show people what those senses are like.

Don’t just say, visualize what you see right there for your audience, because they will visualize along with you.


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