Executive Communications Coaching

Executive Communications Coaching

Imagine having an elite communications team at your disposal, wherever you are in the world.

We’re talking about faculty members from the world’s top universities’ communications departments. Editors from the world’s top business publications. Expert graphic designers. Speechwriters and presentation coaches for CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the world.

Working for YOU.

Participating on a panel? We’ve got your back. Speaking to a potential client from another country? That’s what we’re here for. Opening a trade association convention? We’re at your service.

You travel a lot, and your schedule changes quickly. This service is amazingly remote-friendly, and in fact it has been designed for the executive on the go.

[themedy_alertbox icon=”” colour=”light-gray” font_awesome_att=”” custom_colour=””]Not sure if we should work together? Good point, try testing the waters first. To test us out with a smaller project, click here.[/themedy_alertbox]

[themedy_alertbox icon=”” colour=”light-gray” font_awesome_att=”” custom_colour=””]What we recommend: If you’re preparing for one event per quarter, go for the Regular package. Two events per quarter, go for the Intensive package. 3 or more per quarter, go for the VIP package. (examples of events: speeches, panel appearances, board meetings)[/themedy_alertbox]


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Sample clients:

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[themedy_toggle icon=”” font_awesome_att=”” heading=”What’s the roadmap going to give me?” onload=”closed”]The roadmap will give you many things. But first among them will be recommendations about where to go next — what to do, how to do it, where to do it. Remember, you can take the roadmap with you anywhere. You don’t have to use it just with us. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt our feelings if you take the roadmap to someone else and say, “Here, this is what they recommended to me, can you help me with this?”[/themedy_toggle]

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