Being a guest on TWR podcast

1. Matt is usually in Turkey, and Alper is usually in Spain, so we record with Zencastr, since it seems to be a pretty good solution for remote recording (recording multiple voices in multiple locations).

2. The podcast is short, 15 minutes max, including Matt and/or Alper introducing the podcast in general and you in particular. So a typical flow looks like this: Matt introduces the podcast, Matt or Alper introduce you, you add any important introduction info we forgot, Matt and/or Alper ask you the question, you answer it, Matt and/or Alper ask you a couple questions to clarify what you mean, and Matt and/or Alper wrap up the podcast.

3. Matt or Alper will send you the Zencastr link before the podcast. The tech is usually pretty simple: You talk, Zencastr records automatically. However, please use headphones/earbuds and a microphone. Your equipment doesn’t need to be fancy: The earbuds/microphone you use with your iPhone are probably fine.